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Betway Review: Legal Website in Malaysia

Hello there and welcome to another online casino review. Today we’re going to give you another round of Betway review which is a brand new casino. This online casino is one of Asia’s most visited but also still a new website.

This website was just recently developed a couple years back and now have gained legal status. Any types of website that have already in legal status means that it is already safe for players to play. In today’s article we’re going to divide our article into several parts.

First of all we’re going to talk about the registration process and whether or not this website is easier hard to play in. For example if it is hard then players will have a much harder time to register and make themselves an account.

Besides that our Betway review today is also going to talk about some other things that is also important. We’re going to talk about the transaction system and what are the types of games that you can play.

This website can be a worthy website for players to try. But before even thinking of making an account let’s jump into this Betway review right away.

Overview of Betway Online Casino

Website that we’re going to talk about today is already famous worldwide. But this website is also famous in Malaysia and even entered the list of Malaysia’s best online betting sites. Any Malaysian players can already legally access this website.

Previously this website is only available for international players. The website is actually already old but it is still new to Malaysian players because it has just been legalized. This website has legal jurisdiction to be able to operate in many different places.

Right now we rank this amongst the top 10 because it is already a reputable website. Anyone who loves sports betting should already hear this name before. On top of that this sports betting website is also a mega casino. You can access arcade games I just bingo or slot games too.

Betway casino is already a big name in the industry because they are a sponsor for many teams. If you look at the sporting matches worldwide then you can see their names in the player jerseys. The overall process of depositing is quite complicated in this website.

There has been many reports that this website is quite problematic. But overall people’s experience is quite good in this website.

Transaction System in Betway

All websites will demand its players to do a quick deposit. This deposit should be quick and it should take no longer than 5 or 10 minutes. All types of deposit is fairly quick and that way.

However there are some circumstances where you have to wait a bit more. Sometimes the depositing process is very delayed and Betway casino. This is a very problematic thing that many players face when they play an Betway casino.

Overall most deposits will eventually come in within couple of days if it actually faces some error. However there are some problems and small cases where players don’t even get the refund.

Your transaction would not be processed if you failed doing a deposit with the third party provider. Hence the money would just disappear without any trace.

So be careful when you do a deposit and use only credit and debit cards. These types of transaction is the fastest and easiest way for a deposit and withdrawal.

The withdrawal process has no problems at all. Many players do not have a problem when they try to withdraw their money into a bank account.

You need a valid bank account such as the one that is already registered. On top of that there is not much bank account that is supported.

You need to find the one that is compatible for you. In some cases your bank account might not be accepted then you may need to use PayPal or any types of digital payment.

Deposit Methods Provided

Betway casino offers players a much wider range of deposit methods. For example you want to do a deposit using digital payments, cryptocurrency as well as cards. All is already supported in this website. One of the low fee depositing method that we highly recommend is using debit cards.

Debit card is a method that is always linked to your bank account. So if you want to do a deposit then the money will come straight from your bank account.

Another great thing about this is that it does not consume much time to do at all. Any types of digital payment will be confirmed automatically. This also includes PayPal and cryptocurrency transactions. Keep in mind that PayPal will have around 1 to 2% of fee.

This depends on how much money that you want to deposit into the website at the end of the day. Besides that cryptocurrency has much higher fee set at $10 to $20 per transaction. The reason why this fee is high because it uses the blockchain technology.

But there’s a 100% chance guarantee that the money will eventually go in. They also used third party softwares to verify your transactions such as using coinbase.

So the variety of coins that you can pick from cryptocurrency is not much. You can only use Bitcoin and ethereum to deposit in this website.

Bonuses and Offers by Betway

One important thing to keep in mind when looking for a website is to look for bonuses. This website offers a much more Grand type of bonus.

They offer you up to $30 for a one-time deposit bonus. So if you deposit a total of $50 then you get $30 in total. One of the main problems that players often face is that the bonus actually does not go into your account quickly. Some players will have the bonus already inside their account.

While some other players will have a much harder time trying to claim these types of bonuses. In many cases these types of bonuses will go into your account but they are also unable to withdraw it.

Players need to play up to a certain amount of time before they are able to withdraw. Say for example you have a total of $10 in your account.

This bonus needs to be played up to $20 or two times the original amount. This is one of the terms and conditions and Betway casino that makes people very confused.

Live Chat or Customer Support

Betway casino offers a live chat service. This live chat service is perfect if you have any problems and disputes. However this specific website is not handle any money related disputes.

For example if you have a problem with depositing then they would most likely not help you at all. the live chat feature is quite fast in terms of responding to a player’s request.

And if you try to contact them then they will give you a response within 2 minutes only. After that all types of dispute should be handled within 10 minutes or so. All of their live chat will also be recorded so that they have proof.

Football Betting and Sports Betting Option

Playing online soccer gambling can be very exciting and make a lot of money. Especially if the bettor can read the situation well. That is why you players must be able to understand the procedures for playing online soccer gambling.

Sports betting is divided into many types, and soccer betting is one of them. This game is fun because you don’t just bet on a team. Sports betting, the soccer betting category, has long developed in Asia.

This game used to be played in secret and not many people knew about it. So even ordinary players only bet on the team. An example is in a big game, ordinary players will bet on the team that is expected to win. This is indeed an extraordinary method, but the money you get is not much.

Mixed Parlay Option

Mix parlay is a unique way to bet but can also generate up to millions of dollars. It starts with a player who pairs a lot of money. When the money has been placed, the players can choose between asianbookie or other games.

You will be deemed to have won when the match supported matches your prediction. Each player can place bets on 3 or more games.

That is why the average online gambling lover can achieve high profits. This is because they dare to take risks in playing mix parlay gambling. The higher the risk then the higher the rewards too.

Each game has a different payout. For a low risk game, the money you can get is double. However, for high-risk games, that can be done 10 times or even dozens of times.

Payout is also very dependent on the team you want to support. Parlays must start with a minimum of 2 teams and can usually reach up to 5 or 6 teams. In a 2-team parlay game, you can only put up $10.

Then players will be allowed to choose 2 teams from 2 different matches. At the end of the game, if the team you support wins, the money will return in greater amounts. On online gambling sites, usually the money given back to you is around $26 to $30. So you get almost 3 times as much. This is very high when compared to games such as team guessing, which is only 2 times the result.

Live Poker and Blackjack

Live card games are one of the fantastic types of games to enjoy. Not only that it is very strategic for players to try it is actually a fun game to play. Card games are some of the games that requires strategy and skills. You cannot play these games with pure luck.

These games also require a much higher understanding. Hence players who want to make a bunch of money has a very good chance to do so in this game. Betway casino offers players two types of card games in particular. These games are blackjack and poker.

Unfortunately they don’t offer any baccarat live games. These games are already enough for players to try because it is exciting. Say for example you want to play blackjack. The dealer is already live and you can bet as low as $1.

This $1 but is known as the cheapest type of black jacket that you can play. However you’re also going to play with thousands of other players. If you want to have a seat at the table then you need a minimum buying of $20.

This will give you a reserved seat with only five to six players in each table. Hence you get the much more exclusive feeling of playing in a casino. All of this casino experience is one of a kind experience. However you can also find this in other types of casinos if you want to.

The only special thing about this online casino is that it offers actual and guaranteed live dealers. Live dealers basically means that the games will be live streamed through your screen.


Our Betway review has come to an end. To end this review we would like to say that this website is a legit website. Players need to be careful when they try to play in this website.

Be sure that you’re using a valid transaction system or there will be errors. Besides that the games are quite basic. In terms of sports betting you can get good odds. Blackjack as well as other types of card games are also fair to play already.

All games are accessible to players with low balance or even high balance. So if you want to play in this casino with low amount of bedding then this is also possible.

Any types of bets are already possible to do and players have a chance to get additional bonuses too. Be sure to check some other review from us because there are some other casinos worthy to be played on.

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