Online Betting Malaysia

[Top 10] Online Betting Malaysia: Safe and Trusted Places to Betting Sites

Your next casino should be one of the best in the world. Do not settle for anything less anymore because online slot games should be profitable. Our list of the top 10 online betting Malaysia casinos will give you the right online casino slot guide.

Maybe you are still new to the world of online casinos. Hence you are looking for the next best hitting jackpot game. We got you covered today. 

We have presented to you 10 of the highest-ranking casino providers that are most often visited. These slot casinos also have high win rates and many variations of games. Gambling should not be monotone and repetitive. Instead, you want to always look for fun games.

[Top 10] Online Betting Malaysia

And let’s get straight to it, here’s a list of the best Malaysian online betting.

  1. Rabona

Many online gambling fans want to feel the atmosphere of playing in America. That’s why Rabona was founded which is to give you western games. The games that you can find in the Rabona are also very varied. 

Of all customers who have played, the rating given to this online gambling site is 4.3/5. This rating is quite large and also promising for customers who want to play on this gambling site. 

On the Rabona online gambling site, players are given a live dealer option. So you can enjoy exciting matches and also resemble an atmosphere like being in a real casino. Rabona is really good at creating arcade games more interactive.

Some of their other games also include slot machines, party games, dice, etc. All of these games are accessible by phone or laptop.

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  1. Bet365

Globally Bet365 is the most popular online gambling site. One of the best Sports Betting Sites according to Dolphins e-Gaming review. And they also got a pretty great market in Malaysia.

One of the most well-known sports betting service providers internationally is bet 365. You must have often seen advertisements for bet 365 in the spotlight in big league matches. Bet 365 offers many games ranging from roulette, and blackjack, to sports betting as well. 

This is the most attractive all-in-one website. When it comes to reputation, this website has a good reputation. Bonuses are also given fairly to online gambling lovers who play on this site. This website is truly one of the top 10 online betting Malaysia casinos. 

Bet 365 has plenty of players outside of Malaysia. Some of the other players come from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. All of which already have local ways to transact. So players in general do not have to be scared when withdrawing or depositing money.

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  1. BK8 Casino

Next is one of the highest-rated casinos on the internet which is 4.8/ 5.0 stars. BK8 casino is an online gambling site that is easy to access. Players are given the freedom to choose the game to play. But every online gambling site must have its own favorite game. 

At BK8 casino, the game is online poker. Online poker at BK8 casino has become the spotlight of the online world. Many artists and professional players like to visit the games at the BK8 casino. 

Playing on BK8 is also cheap and affordable for Malaysian players. One play only requires a minimum deposit of $10 to play at BK8 casino. Another thing to add is that the games offered by BK8 is already legal. They have a legal license to operate as a legit business in Malaysia. 

Usually, slot gambling games rarely give customers free spins. But at BK8 Casino, all new players are entitled to 25 free spins. The free spins can also be withdrawn from the winnings without having to make a deposit. You can try the games in BK8. 

The games themselves are also very large and have around 325 games in total. In addition, BK8 Casino has a large fan base. This means you can play while interacting with thousands of other players.

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  1. Royal77 by Bet Soft

Millennials like to try new things. This is especially true for online gambling fans. Royal77 is a website that offers the fastest cashout. That’s the main advantage that Royal77s have and other sites don’t have. 

Royal77 gives you access to a wide range of deposit or withdrawal methods. Starting from account transfers, digital wallets, skrill, bitcoin, visas, and credit cards, to debit cards can be used. The games in Royal77 are enough to satisfy the players. 

There are two main categories offered by this online gambling site. The first is a card gambling game, and the second is slots. Royal77 was founded by Bet Soft and is well known for being able to offer more than 220 games on one site alone.

Most of the games that you can enjoy in this game are arcade games. So things such as bingo, fishing games, dice games, and etc will be common. Slot games are also an important thing to note.

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  1. Pinnacle 

Similar to all previous developers, Pinnacle Casino also offers classic card games. In addition, the games presented by Pinnacle are also much more. That is more than 290 active games presented by the developers.

 The developer of this website is Rival and is a large company in America. If you want to try new things, this is the place to start playing sports betting. Pinnacle casino also provides asianbookie, Asian handicap, mix parlay, and others. 

So not only card gambling games but also online sports betting. This increases the turnover of the players while playing on the Pinnacle site. While playing card gambling, you can also earn money from sportsbooks.

Pinnacle is famous in Asia, especially for Malaysian bettors. You can access this game with less hassle now. One thing to note is that their website does not have many game options.

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  1. Betway

Next up there is also Betway which specializes in all types of betting. Betway is popular mainly for casino sports betting and any major sporting events. Back then Betway is the leader in football betting. But now times have changed and they specialize in almost any event.

Some of the most common games that people bet on this website are football, tennis, boxing, and MMA. There are also options that are less common such as table tennis and badminton. The options on this website are truly complete. 

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  1. W88

Want to find a new atmosphere? W88 gives players the option of playing any slot machine they want. Then you can choose which type of slot you want to play to generate maximum profits. One of the most attractive features of them is called the demo slot.

Demo slots give players the ability to try out the game to be played without having to put up real money. So you can start playing with low capital. Then if you like the game, you can install it with real money. 

This is one of the most attractive alternatives for online gambling lovers. You can even play until any time. But remember again that the demo slot game from W88 does not make real money. This is just an additional and helpful feature from them. 

W88 has a tight partnership with smaller software developers such as Yggdrasil, Playtech, and Pragmatic Play. Most of the games can easily be accessed from this one website alone.

  1. MyBookie 

MyBookie betting site is a favorite for millions of players worldwide including in Malaysia. This site specializes in sports betting such as soccer. Where players can find games and can place bets on ongoing football matches. 

When there are two teams facing off, you can choose between the score, the team, and also the winner of the match. Football betting can generate a lot of money and also stimulate the adrenaline of the players. 

Usually, the big online gambling sites will take big matches from the international leagues. Every day, there will definitely be a soccer gambling game that takes place. Maybe not in Indonesia, but there are active games and matches in European, Spanish, Italian, and English leagues.

Bettors can choose between hundreds of matches that are active every day. Each match will consist of matches in live time. 

So if you put up a match in the European league, for example, then you can watch the original match live. There are betting systems such as Asia bookie, teams betting, parlay, guess the score, and others.

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  1. iVip9

The next casino on today’s list is an exclusive one. Players should try the elegant side of online gambling. iVip9 casino is a place that provides this exclusivity. You can experience high iVip9s or high nominal games. 

Online gambling games such as poker are played with a minimum bet of around $20 to $50. This makes players interested because sites like this are rarely found. iVip9 casino also offers live baccarat as well as online slots gambling.

This developer is fairly new to the world of online casinos. They are thriving this year due to the amount of traffic on the website. Players are interested to try new games. Repetitive and old games can be very boring. 

The games that are unique from iVip9 are such as interactive slot games, progressive jackpots, etc. There are a lot of new features offered by iVip9.

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  1. 22Bet

Last but not least we present to you an all-in-one gambling site. All in one gambling site is a big package that you may want to consider. Looking for any type of game is much easier to do in this one site. Players can see a huge selection of slot games, card games, and even table games. 

22Bet is a couple of years old casino. It can be considered a bit new to the world of online gambling. Nevertheless, it has partnerships with many companies such as Pragmatic Play, Habanero slots, etc. 

All of the game presented by 22Bet is already verified as trusted. They even show and provide explanations regarding how the fair play system works. The website has gained licenses from trusted jurisdictions like Malta and Curacao.

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What to Look for in an Online Casino?

Online casino are mostly offering the same types of games and programs. Such as casino A having the exact same software provider as casino B. There are some differences that you need to look at when gambling. We will discuss it all down below.

1. Variations of Online Casino Games

The first and foremost important thing is variations. There can be many variations of games in one casino alone. For example sports betting, poker, blackjack, and etc. All of which can be an option for players to try. 

More variations makes it also much easier for a player to gamble. You do not have to think much just to enjoy games now. Feel free to just pick a game and enjoy it right away. We highly suggest that you find a game with over 50 games. 

After finding an online casino like this, then you do not need to change sites anymore. Because one website should be more than enough to fulfill your needs.

Variations that you need to look out for the most are card games and arcade. Online casinos are usually centered to one type of genre only. Only big sites offer many options for you to try.

2. Safety and Reputation of the Website

There is no point in playing in a fake online casino website. We are here to find only the best betting websites out there. Do not settle quickly when you are trying to find an online casino.  

There are dozens of fake casinos out there and they will lure in players. The way they lure in players is usually by giving bonuses. The amount of bonus may reach up to 200% but this is usually a scam.

Another way to see how a website is safe or not is by looking at the active time. An online casino may be operating for more than 5 years. If this is the case then you have no worries at all. 

Any casino with over 2 years of experience would most likely be very safe. This is because operating for more than 2 years will take a lot of challenge. On top of that the casino would also have to keep up a clean reputation. 

Most online casino will also now have a permit also known as a license. License will only be provided by trusted and reputable sources. You may have known some of the best license jurisdiction such as Gibraltar, Isle of Man, and Malta. If you see the license, then the games are highly likely to be trusted.

3. Provider and Software Developers

No online casino will stand alone. Every online casino must have a software developer to go along with it. This is because an online casino will offer collecting games but it will never make them. Take for example a sports betting website. 

Many sports betting website will rely on one common thing which are softwares. One of the most common types of software that you can find is such as Sbobet. There are dozens of other providers out there. 

Providers must also be trusted. You do not want to play in a website with a rigged provider. One way to see is to check if they offer fair play. Also examine the companies one by one. 

Most of them must have trusted online reviews. If they are most likely complaints then you can switch to another online casino. Our guide should help you with that problem.

4. Bonus and Cashbacks Provided to Players

Last but not least is bonus. Bonus is simple because everyone loves it and everyone want to get it. However, bonus is not that easy to get. Many players will try and get bonuses. 

The only way for a player to get bonus is to look at the active events. There are dozens of active events out there. In order for you to get one then you need to play actively. The more active a player is then you will also get a high chance of receiving promo codes.

Bonuses are given in two different types. You can get a roll back or a rebate bonus. This type of bonus is quick and easy. Because you can get it from every single bet. So if you bet $10, you can get a rebate of 10% which will be worth $1. 

There are also other types of bonus such as deposit bonus. Deposit bonus can be randomly be given or you can get it at your first deposit. First deposit bonus is very common. It is a must get and you cannot miss this type of bonus. 

This one bonus can increase the credits of a player significantly. Online casinos would not just give free money away. Hence you also need to check the terms and conditions before being able to withdraw the money.

5. User Interface and Cross-Platform

Last but not least is that you must be able to see a website through its user interface. The user interface is the first thing that you will see when you navigate through a website. 

A well-built website will have a very clean user interface. This basically means that you can play, access, and do many other functions easily. 

The user interface is important for many reasons. First, you can see if the website is well developed or not. A well-built website will be easy for players to play because now you can understand most of the games instantly. 

On top of that, players can also access games through a cross-platform system. Most online casinos already give players access to this feature. 

Playing through many platforms can be a very good thing because it increases accessibility. You can enjoy online casino games from anywhere and at any given time.

6. Reliable Customer Service

Customer service is an important thing when it comes to online slot games. Playing in online casinos will also come with its unexpected trouble. These troubles can really get you in the line in which you cannot do a withdrawal or even a deposit. That is why it is important to find reliable customer service. 

The websites that we have curated and recommended to you have excellent customer service. This means that they will give out high-quality service. The time of response will also be very quick. Such as only around 5 minutes tops. This is what you can expect when looking for a top or best online slots site.

7. Fast Deposit and Withdraw System

Deposit and withdrawing your money is a part of the game. Players do a deposit before they play in a website. That is why playing in only the best sites is important to prevent any scams or tricks. 

On the other hand, withdrawing should also be as easy as depositing. You do not want to have any strings attached when you are transacting in a website. 

Having a fast deposit and fast withdrawing system will enable all of the users to move their money. In return, these websites will have lots of players. 

Try to avoid all types of websites that make it harder for you to withdraw. They do this by applying terms and conditions. So that players cannot withdraw their money from a website. 

Conclusion of Top 10 Online Betting Malaysia

Our article today has come to an end. This concludes our review in which we have presented to you top 10 online betting Malaysia casinos. These websites are not ranked in any particular order. To play, you can quickly google the name of the website and then make an account. 

Keep in mind that new players will always be offered bonuses. So it is wise to take advantage of that when you want to play on online sites. 

All of the online casinos we have reviewed today are famous mainly in Asia and Malaysia. Many players from all around the world also has access to these sites. 

Make sure that you can access the site and that you are above the age of 21 years old. Players may need a VPN in order to access some of the websites we have talked about today.

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