W88 Review: All you Need to Know

In this review, we will discuss one of the top online gambling sites in Malaysia. This site provides very high quality games for players and fans of online soccer gambling. If you want to play then you must understand how to play first.

The W88 online gambling site already has a high reputation, but you still have to understand the features offered by this soccer gambling site. It is famous because of the good odds that they offer.

But this online gambling site is not only about online soccer gambling. You can also get access to slot games and traditional card games.

Today we will discuss several things starting from bonuses, deposits, winrates, how to play bets and others. Let’s look at the following article.

What is a W88 online casino site?

Surely you have often seen ads from W88 on the internet. The W88 soccer betting site is the main highlight when you talk about sports betting. This site presents games from hundreds of matches around the world.

The game is divided into many variants, but the most favorite variant is online soccer gambling. They try to diversify the types of games provided to all players.

Hence never games are also added over tim.e Players at W88 are listed at more than 1 million total players.

As for active players, there are more than 20 thousand subscribers who always play on this site. This makes W88 the best place to enjoy sports and casino betting which is always active 24 hours a day.

Football betting gameplay at W88

The W88 soccer betting site is a special place to bet. Players are given the option to place bets in the form of asian handicaps, asianbookies, parlays, guess scores and others.

This flexibility makes players want to explore the world of soccer gambling more. Players are also given the freedom to monitor your bets through the bettor’s dashboard.

In this dashboard, you can see all your own active bets. The dashboard gives players an overview of all the bets that have been placed, as well as those that have passed. So this is a place where players can continue to monitor while watching online soccer gambling games.

We have seen that players tend to love this feature. Football betting or sports betting in general is diverse. Players can choose between score options or even place bets on players. Any types of betting is free for players to try.

The overall gameplay experience is quite exciting and enticing. Players well see the usual type of options in their dashboard below the live games. Then, you can place your bets as long as there is no lock sign yet. The lock sign will indicate that the odds are currently locked.

No one can place a single bet when the odds is already locked. The odds needs to be locked because there is a current change in the dynamic of the game. Scores may go up and down and these factors will affect the odds that you get.

Odds for Sports Betting in W88

Odds will determine how much money you can get on a single bet that is placed. For example you try to place a bet of $10. Then an odd of 1.5 times will produce you a total of $15 in rewards. Knowing these odds is an important thing so that you can predict your risk and reward.

Players often times do not know this but W88 provides a fixed odds when the game has not started. Whether it is 10 hours before the game or 1 minute, the odds will always be the same.

You cannot find anything like this in other types of websites. Because most websites will prefer that players do their transaction as soon as possible.

Hence the odds has a potential of changing if you try to wait longer. A fixed odds is also perfect because you are never pressured to place a bet. Place a bet only when you are comfortable.

Process of Playing at W88

The process of playing on this online gambling site is indeed very fast and efficient. Players start by selecting a category in W88. Categories vary widely because this site wants to reach a large number of players. That’s why every day, there are more than 1000 active matches.

Not all of them are football betting matches. Many of them are also matches such as betting on basketball, badminton, swimming, e-sports, and other types of sports betting.

Without spending a lot of time, players are given the opportunity to top up the amount that matches their balance.

So if your balance is $100, then you can place a bet with a minimum of $20 to $100. In a matter of minutes or hours, the match will end and the money will be credited directly to the player’s account. This process is fairly quick and instant.

There is no need to wait a long time just for the money to get into the account. Any balance should be ready to withdraw if it has been confirmed in your account.

Customer Service and Customer Service

W88 is the best site in terms of customer service. The customer service of this online gambling site is very fast and also helpful. Players are usually confused about what to do when they want to play soccer gambling.

Or usually there are players who are hampered when they want to make transactions. The customer service is ready to be contacted and provide the best solution for all your complaints.

The response time from the customer service team itself is only about 5 to 10 minutes. There are many ways to contact customer service. The easiest way to contact customer service is by email or live chat.

Their live chat will always respond your chat. If you close the window, then you can reopen it back again later on. You can only close it permanent if the dispute has been handled.We can see that W88 really puts in the effort to give good customer service.

W88 Legality and Operating License

A good and trusted online gambling site must have a high reputation. This high reputation took a lot of time to build. A website will not be immediately famous if you do not have experience.

If we look back at the experience of the W88 online gambling site, it can be concluded that this site has been around for a long time. W88 has been around for more than 7 years. With the popularity of W88, this site also registered itself to become a legal online gambling site.

Legality, of course differs from country to country. However, in open countries, W88 has been trusted as an agent for distributing Asianbookie gambling, handicaps, parlays, and others.

This increases the convenience of customers when playing on the W88 online gambling site. Players are also guaranteed with the promised payout.

Many players have made up to $20 000 in 1 hour or the equivalent of 15 thousand pounds. The withdrawal process when you want to play at W88 is very instant and fast. This is because W88 uses sophisticated servers to provide optimal service.

Bonuses from W88

You must be wondering, does W88 offer bonuses? From our observations, W88 is not stingy in giving bonuses. W88 even gives a bonus of as much as $200 to the first customers who just joined. Of course, this large nominal bonus does not always exist. If you are lucky, you will get a large amount of money.

The deposit bonus is the mainstay of the bonus when playing at W88. When you deposit for the first time, you are given the opportunity to receive 50% of the deposit.

An example is a deposit of $200. Then you can get $100 and in total will receive $300. In addition, visitors who play at W88 are also given a bonus in the form of cashback.

Our team conducted a survey of how many times cashback can be obtained by online soccer gambling lovers. If you play on this gambling site, players can get the most cashback, which is 5%.

Win or lose, players will be given the 5% subsidy. Players who enjoy W88 online soccer betting no longer need to worry about losing. Because now, all players can be winners on this site.

Game Variants Offered by W88

W88 is primarily engaged in soccer betting. However, as previously mentioned, W88 offers another game, namely sports betting. All of this is passive play. Where players only need to place a bet once and wait for the results to come out.

After seeing all the games on W88, players are given the option to play something outside of W88. Players can try games such as slot gambling and live casino gambling. Games like this make players anti-boring while waiting for the game to end.

With all the features provided by W88, you can multiply your money well and effectively. The number of players also proves that this online gambling site is trusted and there is no need to doubt it.

If you are looking for an online soccer gambling site, then this site is very good as your next target. That’s all from today’s online soccer gambling site review and see you in another review.

Live Casino Card Games

You can watch this through real time and see real cards being offered to players. There is zero chance of cheating or any types of fraud. Because all kinds of transaction is already secured in their website. They’re online live casino also comes with additional bonuses.

If you’re lucky then you may get an email from W88 casino that you have gotten cash backs. These cashbacks can be claimed almost immediately and you will gain a small portion of your money back.

This money can also be used to play more games later on. Overall we’re satisfied with the live casino part of this game. It offers players what they promise them.

Conclusion of W88 Review

To warp our W88 review today, we are going to give you a short recap. This website has the potential to be your next sports betting website. We recommend this website because it is already a well established website.

One of their most popular types of sports betting games is football betting. Players can bet big and win big through the mixed parlay options. Having more options will give you a much higher reward later on.

W88 is able to provide the necessary features for players to enjoy a high quality game. These qualities can be seen in their roulette and sports betting games. The display of W88 mimics a real life casino. You can see the similar types of scenery as if you are vising a real casino.

Players often time visit this website and gained the proper satisfaction from their service provided.\ Most of the services provided by them is also already valid. Such as licensing, permits, and other types of legality is already clear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions will always revolve around make you curious. Come take a lot at thisection down below to learn much easier and faster.

What Games are Offered in W88?

As for now, all of the games provided come from a combination of third party provider and W88. W88 is also a website that is already quite complete with their collection of casino games.

The games provided ranges from arcade games, bingo, and slot games. You can also enjoy their card games in a live casino mode such as poker, blackjack, and baccarat. Last but not least is that sports betting is also unlocked in this website.

What are the deposit methods provided by W88?

W88 gives players the option to choose between debit card, credit card, or Paypal. There are also local bank transfer options. But this option may not be available in some region. Feel free to try the deposit methods that has been mentioned above in this W88 review.

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