Spartacus Megaways Slot Demo

Spartacus Megaways Slot Demo: Number of Reels, RTP Bonuses

Spartacus Megaways Slot Demo, with a Roman theme from one of the grandfathers of slot machine development, is all swords and sandals. A sequel to the classic land-based video game Spartacus: Gladiator of Rome is being powered by WMS/SG Digital using their Megaways license. An intricate dual 5×4 + 5×12 setup was used in the original slot. The newer Megaways version adds a few new features and simplifies the grid while multiplying win ways by 10,000.

The name Spartacus frequently appears in popular culture. It makes sense given that he is claimed to have received training in gladiatorial combat before leading a slave insurrection that defeated the Roman army in numerous engagements on the peninsula. The theme is treated similarly in Spartacus Megaways, which always depicts it in a romanticized epic form.

Spartacus Megaways Slot Demo uses a lot of thick red curtains and is set in a columned room to give off a theater-like atmosphere. Six primary reels and a horizontal reel with four positions make up the grid. Bonus reels are typically located above the main grid, but WMS deviates from convention and places them along the bottom in this game.

The gameplay is accompanied by an emotional soundtrack, which heightens the theatrical effect. It has a soundtrack that reminds me of a biblical or mythology movie from the 1970s that is broadcast every Christmas or Easter. Think of a Franco Zeffirelli or Harryhausen stop-motion classic, perhaps possibly Ben Hur. The electric guitar soloing over the top might kill it for you, or it can make it even more epic. Choice of the player.

Up to 10 symbols may appear on the main reels during each spin, which can range from 2 to 10. Add the bonus reel into the equation, and the game can generate up to 1 million winning combinations. In other words, much more than the typical 117,649 that you receive when playing a slot machine with Megaways. Despite appearing to be a unique number. In 1 Million Megaways BC, we have already come across it.

Spartacus Megaways Slot Demo, which can be played from 20 cents to £/€20 per spin, has a respectable RTP of 96.32%, which is higher than the original and above average, so there are no complaints there. Volatility leans more toward the upper end of things even though it isn’t exactly the same as being fed to the lions.

Twelve symbols make up the paytable, which is divided into low and high groupings. The lowest values are Roman-fonted 9-A royals, followed by tigers, gladiators, swords, helmets, axes, and the game’s logo. Values are a little on the low side, probably to make up for the potential for 1,000,000 Megaways on the screen. With six logos, the maximum reward is 25x, while the gladiator only offers 7.5x.

Unusually, the wild symbol only displays on the first six reels of the game, not the bottom reel. The wild does not have any value on its own, but it can be used in place of any other symbols barring the Amphitheatre bonus symbol.

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Spartacus Megaways Slot Demo: Features

Several features are included in Spartacus Megaways Slot Demo, including cascades across the entire game, a curtain dynamic, and a round of free spins. The cascading function is activated when you land a winning combination of three or more matching symbols.

This mechanism causes winning symbols to explode off the reels, leaving spaces for new ones to fall into. This can result in chains of succeeding combos from a single spin that keep rolling as long as more winners appear. Each win additionally adds a +1 increment to a win multiplier, which has no upper limit.

Red curtains are placed across a random number of reel spots throughout each spin. In the base game, the curtain is drawn from one spot on a random reel when a win happens. This increases the win ways and widens the grid, increasing the likelihood of more cascades.

You must have four or more Amphitheater symbols visible to activate free spins. Then, a wheel spins, providing between 6 and 16 free spins as well as a certain curtain arrangement. For the duration of the feature, the triggered number of curtains is constant and cannot be reduced by wins as in the base game. This is great if you only receive a few curtains, or even none at all, but it’s not so great if you end up with most of the reels covered.

Every wild that lands during the free spins round grows to fill the entire reel, including any curtain covered positions. Additionally, the same number of free spins that first activated the bonus is awarded when 3 or more scatter symbols are visible. Retriggers don’t change the curtain patterns.

Spartacus Megaways Slot Demo: Verdict

It’s safe to say that anyone who played on the Aw8indo slot site game about Spartacus: Gladiator of Rome and thought, “Man, this thing would rock if it had a million ways to win” will be in slots heaven. Fans of the first game may be in for a treat because neither would be considered simple gaming. While Megaways has simplified the grid(s), WMS has largely maintained the original’s exaggerated qualities.

The experiment: does it work? I guess. The more ways to win, the better. For example, the double grid approach in Beetlejuice Megaways, which was more clumsy than novel, doesn’t work as well as the increased number of win ways. A certain amount of suspense is generated by the absurd number of winning combinations.

However, the curtain thing is a little odd, it must be stated. It’s true that clearing positions with cascades makes sense and offers you something to work toward during the base game. A double-edged gladius is having an immovable pair of curtains during free spins.

In Spartacus Megaways Slot Demo, it’s okay if you receive a small sum, but it’s not so wonderful if the feature requires you to play with a sizable chunk of the reels covered the entire time. Free spins are more constrained than the base game in many respects if you are unlucky enough to receive a lot of locked curtains.

Although no one can foretell the future, Spartacus Megaways Slot Demo doesn’t seem to have the same level of popularity as Spartacus: Gladiator of Rome. It does have a certain allure; for instance, enthusiasts of the real slot machine would enjoy the nostalgic old-world graphics. It’s also an intriguing idea to have a million active Megaways; it’s just a shame that so many annoying curtains limit the potential.

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