Pinnacle Review: Asia’s Booming Website

Pinnacle is a website suitable for beginners and pro. It does not matter how much money you have as long as you have the drive to gamble. Welcome to today’s casino review about Pinnacle review. Pinnacle is a place for everyone to have a good time.

Newer players may be confused about what Pinnacle is because it does not sound like a casino at all. Well the truth is, Pinnacle is a famous brand in Asia. In fact, it is one of the best online casinos in Malaysia.

Their customer extends to countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. There are also several other countries that enjoys the games provided by Pinnacle. Today, we are going to see what is featured in Pinnacle.

How to Look for Trusted Website

In the search for the best online gambling site, you may get a lot of recommendations from your friends. But don’t believe so easily. These recommendations are often just a one-sided trick.

When you are invited to play on an online gambling site, friends who invite you will get a bonus. So the site is not necessarily suitable for you fans of online gambling. However, recommendations from friends can be a guide to finding the best online site for you.

There are many important factors that must be considered in finding a good online gambling site. Online gambling fans will definitely have to trust the site and make a deposit. Often times, the deposit made is also not small.

So for this reason, looking for an online gambling site that can be trusted is one of the factors that must be considered. Apart from that, there are also several other things to consider.

What types of online gambling a site offers is also an important factor. Everything will be explained in more detail in this article.

Pinnacle has many new things for players to try. Maybe you have never heard of progressive jackpot or it is not often found in many sites. That is why playing in Pinnacle can be interesting for you.

Why Play in One of Asia’s Best Websites

Pinnacle can already be categorized and recognized as one of Asia’s best websites. It is ranked quite high back in the year of 2021. Now, it is even higher and players are rushing into this website.

This is because Pinnacle is a popular website due to many promos and events. These events attracted many new players into their website alone.

An Asian betting website is an important place for you to understand. There’s not much Asian betting websites out there especially the trusted ones. All Asian players must be able to play in Asian based websites.

This is an important thing to know because if you’re unable to do this then you will just be playing an illegal websites. The dangerous thing about playing an illegal websites is that there’s a chance for you to lose your money.

Especially if this website is being banned later on. You might as well find a trusted website to start your betting journey. Do not even think of playing in an illegal website.

Another important thing about Asian websites is that the server is based in Asia. Pinnacle has its server hosting in Singapore and Hong Kong. Hence the speed of your internet will also match the speed of this server.

Playing in an online website like this will mean that you have a much faster speed when playing games. Speed is important for slot games that relies on third party providers. If it is slow then your money might not load properly.

Overview of Pinnacle Casino

Overall we have found that Pinnacle is a the casino to try. Players can navigate through easily because the website is designed for everyone.

The website is initially intended for new players because new players do not have much ways to learn how to bet. That is why most of the times the buttons designed as easy to understand.

For example if you want to place your bet you can click on the plus sign and decrease with the minus sign. The more you play in their website they’re more you will understand how the game goes.

Some of the games may require additional tutorial. You can check out their website for tutorials and guides on how to play.

Pinnacle shows all of the progressive jackpot accumulated by the players. All of the slot games will be linked as one.

So you can see that your money will be scattered across many different games. Every time a player places a bet, then a bit of that money will go towards the jackpot. A player could potentially win this money and get more money later on.

Cashback Bonuses Provided by Pinnacle

Cashback is one of the most common forms of bonuses. You can claim this bonus by finding the current active promo in the promo section. This promo section is updated quite frequently.

Do not forget to always look for new promos. Pinnacle gives out promo that is claimable at any given time. Cashback promos is included in the claimable promos and it is set at default.

So if you bet on sports matches or slot games, then the cashback will directly be applied automatically. There is also another form of cashback bonus where you use codes. These codes are given through your email at any random time. Anyone who holds this cashback can claim money at any time.

Remember that all kinds of bonus have its terms and conditions. Such as how long that bonus can be redeemed for before it expires. Be sure to redeem it before the time ends.

Cashback bonuses could also be claimed endless amounts of time. Our next bonus in line will not be redeemable endless amounts of time. Let us take a look at this next one.

Deposit Bonus

Wanna get more bonus from Pinnacle? Pinnacle offers one type of bonus that all other website offers too. This is called as the deposit bonus. Deposit bonus is something that is given to all beginners.

The reason why it is called as deposit bonus is because you get money directly once you do a deposit of minimum $10. This bonus is only applicable to the very first deposit that an account has ever done.

If you do a deposit of $10, then the total percentage of deposit bonus is only 50%. Right now, the maximum amount of bonus deposit is set at $20 only. Pinnacle will cap it at $20 and you cannot get more than $20.

Even if you deposit a huge amount, this deposit bonus is maxed out at $20. Sometimes there will be new deposit bonuses. Each deposit bonuses are only claimable once and you cannot get this bonus repetitively.

Make sure you are updated with the newest bonuses offered by Pinnacle casino. Sometimes Pinnacle review will also provide you with the necessary bonuses.

Cons of Playing in Pinnacle

Pinnacle offers a lot of choices for many Asian players from many countries. The cons in this is that the fees are much higher if you use debit cards. For example you want to do a deposit through debit card. The fee for each transaction is around 2% and this depends on what banks.

Paying a much higher fee is of course a cons because players don’t want to pay high amount period if you want to do a deposit do a big one right away. Don’t lose small amounts of deposit repetitively.

This will just waste your money over and over again. Besides that playing in Pinnacle also has a much slower withdraw time. Say for example you want to do it withdrawal of $10 only. The minimum amount of withdrawal is always $10.

But the amount of time that it takes for a player to do it withdraw is around 10 minutes up to 20 minutes. The time may increase if the website is much more crowded.

One of the main reason why it is much slower is because Pinnacle is because their transaction is done manually. This is different with other types of transaction where it is automatic.

All you have to do is input the amount of money and it will be withdrawn instantly. Pinnacle does not have that feature and players have to wait for quite a bit. You cannot expect the money to be liquidated if you do withdrawal midnight.

Progressive Jackpot

Next up in Pinnacle casino is that we’re going to talk about progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpot is away for players to make additional amounts of money.

Amount of money that you can make is huge in pinnacle. Progressive casino is basically a sum of many types of spins.

For example a player places a $1 back on a spin. It’s a couple cents from that will go straight towards the progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpot increases each second and players have a chance to hit it.

One of the biggest jackpot is found in Pinnacle because it has high amount of players.The average amount of jackpots that you can hit is around 10 million dollars.

The amount of money may increase overtime. Progressive jackpots can be obtained repetitive amounts of times. The reward and amount of jackpot given to you depends on how much your bet is.

One thing that we love about progressive jackpot is that a bet as low as $1 can give you high rewards. This is the great thing about progressive jackpot and what it gives.

Referral Bonuses in Pinnacle

Pinnacle was able to have high player counts and attracts more player day by day. The way they do this is by using referral bonuses as a way to lure in more players. You can get referral bonuses by inviting more players into the website.

A player can refer to a new player about the website and use a specialized link. This specialized link can bee obtained in the referral program page. All you need to do is to copy paste this link and give it to any player who does not have a new account yet.

The best advantage about this feature is that players can get money that is withdrawable. The referral bonus percentage in Pinnacle casino is around 10% only. This may seem little but that 10% is already a lot in the long run.

The way their referral system works is that players can get 10% from the new player they invite. This 10% will be based off of the amounts of bet that they want to put.

So if a new player places a bet of $10, then the invitee will get $1 for free. This money can be used to play in Pinnacle. For example in slot games or any types of casino games.

Summary of Playing in Pinnacle

We can honestly give this Pinnacle review and their casino a rating of 4/5. This website is well built within a short amount of time. That is why players really try to get into the website and get their service.

Pinnacle is a place to bet and enjoy free ways to make money. They really give you several ways to make much more money. The bonuses are also much higher If you try to compare it with other types of websites.

Pinnacle can be the perfect spot to get many freebies. These freebies can range from free slot spins, in-game credits, and even withdrawable bonuses. All types of bonuses are provided so that players can have a much more enjoyable time in this casino.

The game design and overall quality are also nice. We do not have many cons to discuss in today’s Pinnacle review. This is due to the fact that the website is already well built in its entirety.

See you in our other casino reviews and we hope that this article has helped you. Try some other casinos and look at our other reviews. Feel free to bet and enjoy your time in casinos. Do so with caution.

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