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iVip9 Review: Brand New Casino With Booming Rewards

Our long awaited online casino review has come again. Today we have brought to you a new casino called iVip9, one of the best casinos in Malaysia. This iVip9 review will be covering some of the most important parts of this website.

An online casino can branch into many different types of games. Such as poker, blackjack, and one of their most sought after game is roulette.

Players are free to switch back and forth into any types of games that they want to. There is no restrictions for players to be able to choose the games that they want to.

Right now, these varieties still increase and keeps on adding up. iVip9 casino is also quite an active website and frequent in adding new games. Be sure that you check everything important about this online casino.

Our review today is made for Malaysian players who is looking for a place to play. These websites are based off of certain qualities. For example these qualities may be about quality of the website, display, user interface, and so much more. Let us jump directly into today’s iVip9 review.

What does iVip9 Offer?

iVip9 offers players the standard features that most casinos will offer you. These would be a promised 2 to 5 minutes transaction time. The website is committed to keep the transaction time for deposit and withdraw that low.

On top of that, iVip9 have already provided many ways to deposit such as paypal, digital payments and credit cards. Players do not have to be confused on which method that they should use.

iVip9 is quite a new casino that you may have not heard before. This casino had only been up for 1 to 2 years only. Recently, iVip9 is visited by many players due to the exclusive feeling.

Their website gives players the option to create a membership. This membership is an exclusive thing to have because you are subscribing to it. We will show you what this membership provides in the next part.

iVip9 Membership

Usually online casinos would only require their players to make an account. After you have registered in their website then that is basically it. Now iVip9 casino requires players do still register but this next part is not necessary. You can still play in their games.But there’s an additional offer given to you. Nowadays you can get the iVip9 member pass. This membership is like a program that you subscribe to for a couple of months.

One of the main benefits is that you can get into rooms that are already filled and you will be prioritized. For example transaction times are also shortened and services will be much quicker.

You will also be prioritized when it comes to the customer service. You don’t have to wait in lines anymore and you will be responded quickly.

This is the main advantage of getting a membership. Membership programs are not often found in any other casinos. This concept may still be new but it is something to consider.

Mixed Parlay Betting Options

Parlay betting combines several teams into one bet only. Players just need to choose the best 2 to 5 teams. In addition, you can also choose the match to be in a day or more than that.

So that the money you want to put into this parlay gambling game doesn’t need to be all in one day. This makes mix parlay a strategy game to choose from.

As a mix parlay gambling player, you must continue to look for familiar matches first. This will be more strategic when you want to spend your money playing online gambling. Don’t play in unknown match types. Examples of well-known major leagues are the Bundes League, Barclays, and others.

Looking for a team can be seen from the history of the match and also the track record. All the big teams will have a good track record.

So that you bettors can also bet with confidence. Games such as mix parlay gambling must be done in detail. As a bettor, you want the probability of winning or the winning percentage to be as high as possible.

Because, the money spent will join all the teams. If the team is unreliable, then your money will just disappear. The mix parlay system uses a win system if all matches and your predictions match. If only 1 team loses, your money will not be returned.

Types of Games to Try in iVip9

iVip9 is the grand place and equivalent to huge casinos like Caesar’s Palace. Up to this date, they already provide more than 14 differentl providers to provide slot games.

There are also other types of providers to provide live casino and table games. Let us look into it a bit deeper in this next part.

Slot Games

iVip9 is a place to enjoy slot games such as the ones you can find in Las Vegas. Their slot games are popular because there are a huge varieties to choose from. OneTouch is one of their popular provider that you can gamble on.

iVip9 can offer a player RTP or rate of return that goes as high as 99%. With an RTP of this size, you can increase your chances of hitting the jackpot without losing. The jackpot on their site is also very large in nominal.

Customers who have just joined the world of online slot gambling must try games from OneTouch. This high RTP percentage will ensure you have nothing to lose when playing with iVip9. Playing on this online slot site is very cheap and affordable. You can do it for as low as $1 or even $0.10.

Of course, the rewards you get when you play on iVip9 are highly dependent on the amount you bet. Players can increase the bet amount freely. So you no longer need to rely on or be burdened with a minimum bet.

The best OneTouch slots just launched a few months ago and some of them are even new. We have taken the time to review this slot for you. So you don’t have to lift a finger just to try these games.

These games are unique, fresh and new. Some of them even have unique daily missions for players to play. Making it more interactive than all types of slot games that already exist. Most of these Playtech slots are considered modern slots.

Live Poker

iVip9 is an exclusive website for players who love live games. These are games that is designed specifically if you want a live sensation. Live poker is a game that needs strategy and playing it live makes it so much better.

iVip9 provides a poker game with a minimum buy in of $20. The maximum buy in per round is set at around $2000 and even up to $10000. iVip9 provide many tables for you to bet and to pick. You can pick a much lower budget game if the buy ins are too high.

There are also digital poker or video poker that can be played with only $1. But that is not worth it if you want live games. Digital poker will give you a different sensation compared to live poker.

Their live poker is already licensed by third party jurisdiction. Besides that, each dealer is also vetted to ensure a fair play for players. There is little to no chance for a dealer to cheat and the players to cheat. It is fair to say that live poker from iVip9 is secure and safe.

Live Blackjack and Roulette

The other casino games that are also popular is blackjack and roulette. Roulette gambling game or roulette game is a classic gambling. This game is loved by millions of players from ancient times until now.

iVip9 will provide players with a large wheel that can calculate the betting results. The function of this wheel is to hold the ball inside. When the ball is dropped, it will circle the inside of the wheel until it stops.

Each wheel comes with 3 colors. There are green, red, and black colors. All these colors represent the bet amount and the game odds. Red and black are odds with 50% while green has odds that are a little hard to get.

As the name of the game suggests, iVip9 is considered as instant roulette. This means that the games you enjoy can be immediately disbursed. The procedure for playing in this roulette game is also fast and efficient.

Players are welcome to login first. Right now, iVip9 gaming also does a good job because it helps players to create IDs. You must log in using an account or ID.

After that, players will be greeted with the main screen display from evolution gaming. On the main screen page, you can navigate the game or the type of game you want to play.

Tips to Play Slots at iVip9

Learning slots may take some time and experience. Maybe you might want to learn a thing or two before you start playing your first slot game at iVip9. All the above games below have been reviewed by our website team members. These games are named without any particular rating.

But let us ensure that all the slot games discussed today will have a win rate of over 97%. So you can trust us for that. Let us look at the additional tips down below.

Bonuses Provided by iVip9

Online gambling lovers are no stranger to the term bonus. Bonuses are the best way for someone to get extra profit. From the bonus alone, you can get benefits even before starting the game.

The best way to take advantage of bonuses is to earn many dollars from online gambling sites. The deposit bonus is the biggest bonus and usually reaches up to 50%.

If the percentage is greater, the online gambling site will also automatically have a limit. You can predict the limits of each online gambling site directly. An example is a limit of $250.

So you can get a bonus of up to $250 without crossing the limit. To get all these bonuses, you only need to make a deposit of $500 and a total of $750 will be entered into the account.

Disadvantages of Playing in iVip9

The only disadvantage that players will have to face when they go in iVip9 casino is the little options. We’ve talked to you before that there are many betting options for you to choose. For example you can choose slot games or casino games.

We are specifically talking about sports betting games. You cannot see much choices for you to bet on. This is because iVip9 casino does not really expand their options to players. Instead sports betting is only a side thing. Most of the live matches that they show are only main events.

Which means that these types of events are already popular and they would be popular teams that play. So don’t expect that you can find local teams if you want to bet in iVip9. Because this cannot be found in iVip9 at all.

On top of that players also have to pay an additional transaction fee. This transaction fee is around $2 for a single deposit and $1 for it withdrawal. The minimum amount of money that you can deposit is $10 and this goes the same for withdrawal. Hence players cannot withdraw our deposit anything below $10.

Conclusion of Playing in iVip9

We hope that our iVip9 review have provided you with some important information regarding their services. Our team has given this review a detailed examination.

We put every information in the exact way that we have found it. This website is capable and functioning website. It is also safe for players to try because it is licensed. The amount of game that they offer are also well made and designed.

This proves to everyone that the website is not just a short-term casino. This website has the potential to be a long-term casino and be visited at a daily basis.

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