Bet365 Review

Bet365 Review: Top Visited Casino Today

Bet 365 is always a well known casino. Not only best gambling sites in Malaysia, Asia, but also all around the world. Today we have created a Bet365 review regarding all of the features and quality of this website.

Bet365 is an online casino that is based in Asia. Right now, there are many games that they offer to players. Some of the most popular choices are such as poker, blackjack, sports betting, and etc.

Bet365 review

Gambling is a hobby in many Asian countries including Malaysia. But finding the right website is always a challenge. Because nowadays there are many scam and fraud related websites. This can be really harmful to your balance and cash later on. There are many things that we will discuss today. Some of the things that we need to highlight are such as safety, reputation, quality of the games and etc. So come take a short read at our article about Bet 365 review. 

Deposit Methods Provided in Bet365

One of the factors that differentiate a good casino and a normal one is through the depositing method. Depositing method is important so that players have a way of depositing their money. All casinos will required players to do a deposit of some amount of money. 

This amount of money usually has a minimum deposit of $10. The website of Bet 365 gives player the option of a minimum $5 deposit. This is relatively lower and it gives player a high chance of affording small bets. 

On top of that we must also look at other aspects of depositing. There are several ways of depositing. In Malaysia alone you may want to look for local bank transfers. Bet 365 already supports all kind of local bank transfers related transaction. Other methods also include cryptocurrency.

Sometimes bettors want to play using bitcoin. Bet 365 is a site that offers a small number of games. There are only 8 types of games at Bet 365. The deposit or withdrawal process is also quite fast. But can only offer you with bitcoin transactions only.

We have also observed that all kinds of transactions are done with a third party provider. Which means that money will be put on escrow and this is much safer than other types of transaction system. Any types of deposit will not go directly through the casino. 

Once you deposit you can also do it withdrawal with any type of banks that you want. Withdrawal is also supported with cryptocurrency methods. But note that you cannot withdraw money that you have lost. So any types of laws will be permanent and irreversible. This is one of their terms and conditions when you want to play in the bet 365 website.

Customer Service in Bet365

Every online casino website must be able to provide customer service. This is a form of quality control because nothing is ever perfect even in online sites. Things such as errors are bound to happen easily. That is why players will be looking for customer service in the form of live chat. 

Customer service is an important part of an online casino. In order to know which type of customer service is the best and we also help you in finding the right site. Bet 365 does offer some very quick customer service. 

Their average response time is around 1 minute and all types of dispute is finished within 15 minutes. The amount of time that they take in finishing disputes are very quick and they provide excellent service in this part. 

Be advised that some types of dispute may take longer time. For example if there are transaction errors then this may take up to 48 hours in order to be finished. One particular thing or problem that has been occurring as regarding transaction errors. 

There has been several cases of transaction errors in which players cannot get their money as soon as possible. Sometimes the third party provider faces errors which would take around up to one week to resolve. Don’t worry though because this it’s not happened very often.

Overall the customer service is very quick and handling disputes. And you can also contact them through the live chat box down below. If you want an easier way then you can use email and other types of ways.

Quality of Bet 365 Website

Bet 365 website is a thing that you need to check to. You can see the quality of the website through the structure itself alone. For example a good structured website will have everything organized. Bet 365 is very neat with the website structure. 

Players are able to easily navigate through the website. There are some other things that you also need to know. Bet 365 is already an old website. 

Hence some of the looks may look outdated. Players have to look around the website for a bit in order to understand about some of the features. Things such as navigating through the games are easier. 

Overall it takes around 5 minutes and refer you to register and own a private account. This account will give you access to all of the games inside the website. You can only play the games once you’ve done a deposit and you can access the demo slots at all.

Games to Try in Bet 365 Online Casino

Next up let’s talk about some of the games that they are providing. Bet 365 review will be detailed about some of the most important things. One thing to outline is that Bet 365 is an old website. It has so many different games that you can try. 

Arcade Games

We will categorize this game so it is easier for you to understand. The first time of category that you can try is of course arcade games. Arcade games or an important feature because they are the most fun types of games. Arcade games can include the slot games as well as bingo. 

Bet 365 does not have much options when it comes to slot games. If you want to please slot games and you can enjoy some of the major and big brands only. These brands can include pragmatic Play and play tech. 

You may have heard some of these brands before and they are already trusted. That is also because that 365 already has an online gambling license. So anything that they give out should already be safe and players do not have to worry about it. 

Sports Betting Games

Next category of game that they offer is football betting and other types of sports. This is probably the most famous sports betting website in all of asia. The name of Bet 365 itself is already catchy and they are seen in many billboards. 

This online website is a sponsor of many sporting events especially in the European leagues or in Asian league. Bet 365 offers average to good betting odds. These arms also apply to tennis matches and other types of sports. But the major types of sports games that everyone bets to would probably be basketball and football only.

Last but not least there are also life games or live casino games. These types of games are fun to play especially if you are missing the casino vibe. In order to access these live games then all you need to do is look at all of the online casinos. 

There is a minimum buy and off around 10 dollars for each games. So you cannot bet anything below $10. There are also options for example if you went to bed only around $1 or $5. 

Bonuses in Bet365

Bet 365 is an online casino that serve many games. In order to pull in more players then they must also provide bonuses. Bonuses provided by Bet 365 are massive. First of all there is the bonus deposit that rewards up to 50%. 

You can get a maximum amount of $50 only through this bonus alone. After that players are given the freedom to use that money for any games that they want to. 

However you cannot withdraw the money unless it has been multiplier or played with several times. Feel free to refer directly to Bet 365 about this specific bonus as the promotion may change over time.

One of which is also known as the rebate or cash back bonus. Cashback is given to you whenever you do a deposit or whenever you play a new game. There are new games that they release and you can pay money in order to win a small amount of cash backs. 

Cash backs are only given in the amounts of such as 10% or up to 15%. The more you play it and the more money that goes back into your account. 


All in all, we can conclude that Bet 365 is a good website to try. We give a high rating of 4.7/5 for the reasons we have provided above. Bet 365 have exceeded expectations and have continued to provide excellent service.

Bet 365 online casino is one of the most repeatable casinos out there. Things such as safety and quality does not have to be a concern for players anymore. This game is fun to play and they offer many variations of online casino games. 

You can enjoy good odds too. The odds in this online casino in particular is standardized. So you can basically get the same odds in any other casinos out there. But the good thing is that you get instant liquidation. 

Any money that you have won will directly go into your account. This money can be withdrawn and any given moment. Overall the registration process in this online casino is also very easy. And only takes around 2 to 5 minutes. 

After that players can play in any game that they want to. Placing a bet and winning will take several times depending on the type of game that you play. 

After that for transaction then it would also take around 5 to 10 minutes. All in all it does not take much time in order for you to set up an account and then start withdrawing or depositing in Bet365.

Frequently Asked Questions

People still have a few things or two to ask about. Do not worry because we will gladly answer it down below! Come take a look at the most and frequently asked questions about Bet 365 review.


Is Bet365 safe?

Yes of course! Bet 365 is already a verified online casino. It can operate in many different regions which includes Europe, America, and Asia.

What games do Bet365 provide?

Bet 365 is specialized in many genres of gambling games. Some of the popular ones are such as poker, blackjack, and sports betting. You can even try slot games in their website. There are many providers and developers to try.

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